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SCORE H/SS Virtual Web Museums

Projects specially designed by SCORE H/SS as models of virtual museums for young students and English learners.

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Virtual Interactive Projects

Projects that allow students to connect to and work with others across the classroom or across the world. Students email one another, access information, complete collaborative research, and/or publish on the web. Select one of these and join the action!

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Virtual Interactive Field Trips

The Field Trips section allows both student and educator the opportunity to travel to areas of the world that would otherwise be out of reach. SCORE H/SS points to many different types of trips for interested participants. Experience the thrill of virtually "being there" as the Internet connects people across time and space to follow along with explorers and interact with them via email and bulletin boards as they set out on their journeys.

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Arm Chair Adventures

If a walk down the streets of history is your assignment, you will find many opportunities to access information rich in text and photography.

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Fee-based Projects and Field Trips

Fee-based sites are selected for their potential to teach the California Curriculum with a rich social studies component.

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Resources on the SCORE H/SS pages were evaluated by history/social science leaders in California. Going beyond these links allows student access to unknown material. Each school site is responsible for evaluating resources for appropriateness in the local school community.

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