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California Department of Education History-Social Science Page
This site provides links to all of the CDE History-Social Science publications, H/SS Content Standards, Policy and Legislation, a list of Adopted Textbooks, and Professional Development opportunities.

National Council for the Social Studies
Founded in 1921, the National Council for the Social Studies has grown to be the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education, engaging and supporting educators strengthening and advocating social studies. NCSS serves as an umbrella organization for teachers of history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education. Membership in NCSS is open to anyone with interest in the social studies.

National Women's History Project
The National Women's History Project is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1980, that is committed to providing materials for teachers and schools, educational programs for the public, and informational services to recognize and celebrate women's diverse lives and historic contributions to society.

California International Studies Project 
The California International Studies Project is one of the nine discipline-based professional development Subject Matter Projects in California.  It specializes in interdisciplinary teacher training programs on global geography, economics, foreign policy,  and international relations themes and world history topics from the California History-Social Science Standards. 

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation site has wonderful resources for teachers and students on Colonial American history.  There are classroom tested lesson plans, electronic field trip registration information, a catalog of realia materials to order, and general teaching resources.

First Amendment Center
The Freedom Forum has up-to-date information on court cases deciding First Amendment issues related to press, speech and religion.  Also available are copies of the following publications: Finding Common Ground and the "Statement of Principles: Religious Liberty, Public Education, and the Future of American Democracy,"  and "Parent's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools."  It is also possible to e-mail questions about religious liberty issues to Charles Haynes, resident scholar.

California History-Social Science Project
The California History-Social Science Project offers institutes and professional development leadership opportunities for history-social science professionals at 11 sites across California.

California Historical Society
NCHE is a network of university, K-12, and community educators dedicated to promoting and improving history education and programs.

California Council for Social Studies
This is a new and growing website with information about California's main professional organization for K-12 History-Social Science educators.

National Association of Economic Educators
This professional organization provides a forum for those interested in economic education and promotes programs to foster balanced and academically sound economics teaching.

Center for Civic Education
This site has information about programs and projects run by the Center for Civic Education such as "We the People," National Standards for Civics and Government, Civitas, Law in a Free Society, Youth for Justice, and International Civic Education Program.

Constitutional Rights Foundation
This site has information about the student and teacher programs which are administered through the Constitutional Rights Foundation including History Day in California, Sports and the Law and Mock Trial.

National Geographic Society
This site offers resources for teaching about geography including current issues of National Geographic magazine, World Magazine for kids, a map making program, hot sites for geography resources on the Internet and information about National Geographic Society television programs.

National History Day
This is the latest information on the National History Day program. The annual theme, Student Contest Guide and last year's History Day winners are listed here.

California Alliance for Character Education
National Character Education Center
The Character Education Center offers hundreds of practical Ideas and a clear model for reference points, Character Classics and numerous strategies and solutions for school wide bedrock ethics training. All of the ideas presented are school based programs and services that were implemented over 25 years. The research proves conflict prevention and training in respect and responsibility management is what makes a significant difference in student performance.

California Learning Resources Network
California Learning Resources Network on CLRN offers an annotated database of reviewed software, video, and web material for the core content areas of math, language arts, science and history-social science.

California Geographic Alliance
The California Geographic Alliance (CGA) is an affiliate of the National Geographic Alliance. It is a teacher professional development network dedicated to improving geographic education and literacy in California.

California Council for Economic Education
The goal of CCEE is for all students to apply economic reasoning in their lives and leave school prepared to participate responsibly and productively in the 21st Century global economy. CCEE offers workshops and curriculum for teachers to help students achieve this goal.

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Resources on the SCORE H/SS pages were evaluated by history/social science leaders in California. Going beyond these links allows student access to unknown material. Each school site is responsible for evaluating resources for appropriateness in the local school community.

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