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High School - College Instructional Strategies

Teaching Students to Take Better Notes
This website, designed for college instructors, has some useful ideas on how to help any student take better class notes. The section "Challenge Students to Think" offers particularly good strategies.

Graphic Organizers
This website has 12 Graphic Organizers (template samples and teacher directions) from the SCORE Language Arts website. These will assist all students in taking notes and prewriting activities. This is particularly useful with the second language learner and special education populations.

Worksheet for Ethical Decision Making
Here are a series of questions to use in developing a position statement or taking an action on a controversial issue. There are many contemporary issues to which these questions might apply.

Urban Debate League: Teaching Debate
Here is an introduction to the methods of reasoned argument used in debating issues. Included are pages that collectively may be considered a guide to debate, identifying and explaining skills such as "The Affirmative Case." The homepage is not pretty but all the resources are hotlinked as separate pages that may be easily printed for classroom use.

Document Analysis Worksheets
This is a series of worksheets prepared by the National Archives Digital Classroom that teachers can use to help students decipher the meaning of written historical documents, photos, artifacts, films, posters, cartoons, and maps.

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