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National Standards for History, Economics, Civics, and Geography

During the last 15 years, leaders in each field of study within history-social science have developed suggested national standards. These standards often have useful suggested lesson activities to teach a particular topic. These may serve as excellent resources for district and school standards and assessment committees as they develop a local course of study.

National History Standards

The National History Standards are available at this website of the National Center for History in the Schools at

Published in late 1996, the standards are written for grade spans to allow local option. The California content topics, which are specified by grade level, can be extrapolated from the national grade spans.

  • National Standards for United States History Grades K-4
  • National Standards for United States History Grades 5-12
  • National Standards for World History

National Standards for Civics and Government

This site has an outline of and ordering information for the National Civics and Government Standards developed by the Center for Civic Education. The Standards are divided into three parts: elementary, middle school and high school.

National Geography Standards

Here is a tutorial taking viewers through the national geography standards called Geography for Life.

Voluntary National Standards in Economics

The Economics America site has the text of the 20 content and performance standards for economics education K-12. Also included are benchmark indicators of achievement.

National Social Studies Standards

The National Council for the Social Studies developed a set of theme-based general standards document that cuts across all fields of History-Social Science. A summary of the standards and information for ordering the document is available at the NCSS website:

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