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Standards-Aligned Curriculum Materials

History/Social Science Course Models
The course models that appear on this site are a resource designed to assist teachers in implementing the State Board of Education adopted History/Social Science Content Standards and Framework. In addition to serving as a resource for teachers or developers of local curricula, the models may also be used to plan topics and select resources for professional development. The many and varied instructional resources identified should be helpful to librarians and directors of media centers as school collections are augmented.

Course models represent a step between the subject matter outlined in the standards and framework and classroom lesson plans and provide guidance to districts as local standards in history/social science are developed to meet systemic reform efforts. The models suggest substantive resources and instructional strategies to be used in conjunction with State Board of Education adopted print and non-print instructional resources. They serve as examples of activities from which teachers can design lessons to suit the varied needs and interests of their students. Teachers will need to prioritize topics and develop activities carefully, gauging the time necessary to convey essential learnings to students and provide unit and course coverage as well as opportunities for depth studies, activities, or projects.

The course and titles in the course models match those in the standards. There are one or two elements upper unit title depending on the complexity of the unit description in the standards. Essential topics for teaching the units described are identified and approximate instructional time for each standard is suggested.

Each of the standards are developed in these course models. As an example of the use of varied activities and resources, the teacher developers selected a top or a combination of topics within these units and then outlines instructional practices that offer both breadth and depth, including instructional strategies, pertinent resources, ideas for curriculum-embedded assessment, strategies for use with title I students or English language learners, and correlation of topics with other subject areas.

Adopted Materials
This timeline will be useful in guiding discussions about the proper timing for selection of instructional materials and the Evaluation Criteria will guide the selection process.

History/Social Science State Board Adopted Materials

High School Materials
Publishers of materials for high schools are required (by AB699 Chapter 591 of the Statutes of 2001) to submit standards maps to local education agencies prior to the purchase of instructional materials. By Education Code section 60451, districts (LEA's) are required to certify that instructional materials that they adopt locally are aligned to standards in the four core content areas.

History/Social Science Local Adoption Resources
This page was developed by San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County Office of Education history-social science coordinators to provide guidelines for districts.

K - 12 History/Social Science Adoption Toolkit

Other Resources

Pages of the Past
This is a book of literature aligned to California History/Social Science Content Standards Grades K-6. Is out of print but the database on which it was built is available online at this site.

Tales of Time
This is an annotated list of literature aligned to H/SS Content Standards for grades 6-8. Besides the annotated listing of books, there is a section on instructional strategies for using literature to teach H/SS Thinking Skills.

California Learning Resources Network (CLRN)
This web resource has an extensive list of electronic resources such as CD-roms, videos, and audios which have been aligned to history/social science standards.

SCORE History/Social Science
This website has an extensive database of secondary and primary sources aligned to standards as well as over 1000 lessons on topics from the H/SS content standards.

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Resources on the SCORE H/SS pages were evaluated by history/social science leaders in California. Going beyond these links allows student access to unknown material. Each school site is responsible for evaluating resources for appropriateness in the local school community.

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