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Martha Washington

Martha had money. That added to her attractiveness. George sure thought so. He wanted to marry another woman, but she was already married. He wanted to be an officer in the British army. They rejected him. By marrying Martha Curtis, George Washington went from being an ordinary planter to a substantially wealthy landowner.

When talk of unrest surfaced in 1774, Martha was torn between friends who were loyalist and those who wanted independence. When war arrived, and George was made Commander-in-Chief of Patriot forces, Martha visited him whenever she could.

Martha Washington spent most of her time at Mount Vernon in Virginia during and after the war. When George was elected President, she moved to New York, then the nation's capital. There she graciously played hostess to all visitors. She moved back to Mt. Vernon at the end of George's two terms.

Martha died in 1802, a little more than two years after George. Although she didn't take an active role in fighting in the Revolutionary War, she sure took good care of George. For that, we can all be grateful.

George Washington once said that a wife should have "good sense, a good disposition, a good reputation, and financial means." He found all those in Martha.