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Betsy Ross

Elizabeth Griscom. Ever heard of her? You should have. She is credited with making the first American flag. Oh, you know her better as Betsy Ross.

Betsy left her Quaker society (she was "read out" rather than run out) to marry John Ross. The couple set up an upholstery business. Her husband died in an explosion while guarding ammunition in January, 1776. Later that year, she met with George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris. This meeting led to the sewing of the first American flag.

Betsy remarried, this time to a sea captain, who died in an English prison after being captured while obtaining war supplies.


Trivia note: George Washington attended the same church as Betsy and John Ross. Benjamin Franklin's nephew attended their wedding.
She has been buried in three different locations: Christ Church Cemetery, Mt. Moriah Cemetery, and now on Arch Street in the courtyard adjacent to the Betsy Ross House.