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Molly McCauley

"Molly, bring me a pitcher." Shortened, this became "Molly, pitcher". No, she was neither the manager nor pitcher of a baseball team. She was the "water boy" of her time, bringing refreshment to men in battle.

One day while on "duty" near Monmouth, New Jersey, she saw her husband shot in the arm. She rushed to his side. She, then, took over his position at the cannon, firing several rounds at the oncoming British forces. Her bravery and good aim earned the respect of other soldiers. They fought on with renewed enthusiasm, sending the British into retreat. Her action impressed General Washington, who commissioned her as "Sergeant Molly Pitcher". Oh, her real name? Try Molly Hays McCauley.

Note: there is much disagreement about whether there really was a "Molly Pitcher". Several women manned cannons during the Revolutionary War. Molly McCauley was one of them.