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Sybil Ludington

Why is Paul Revere known for his ride? How about the female Paul Revere? That's what Sybil Ludington is known as. Sybil's ride was twice as far as Paul's.

Sybil's ride became necessary because the British had ransacked Danbury, Connecticut. Danbury was a Patriot supply center. They were then headed for Fredricksburg, New York. A young soldier arrived at Sybil's father's house. Colonel Ludington was in charge of the local volunteers. Needing someone to go at once to gather the troops, Sybil jumped at the chance. She rode to the many villages, informing everyone what was happening. Thanks to her bravery, the Patriots were able to force the British back to Long Island Sound. From there, they sailed away. Chalk up another win for the women. We can't live without them.