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Everyone's heard of Paul Revere, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and Peyton Randolph, but who knows about Molly Pitcher, Penelope Barker, Esther Reed, or Patience Wright? Well, if you haven't, you've come to the right place. Not all of them picked up muskets. Some chose to fight with an arrow or a cannon. Others chose a pen, a needle, a pitchfork, sculpting tools, and an apron. Some of these women fought up close. One contributed from thousands of miles away. But, if it weren't for these women, we might be singing My country Tis of Thee with its original lyrics. Enter at your own risk - you might learn something
Abigail Adams

Catherine Moore Barry

Margaret Corbin

Nancy Hart

Molly Hays McCauley

Esther Reed

Nancy Ward

Phillis Wheatley


Hannah Arnett

Martha Bratton

Lydia Darragh

Sybil Ludington

Rebecca Motte

Besty Ross

Mercy Otis Warren

Prudence Wright

Elizabeth Zane

Penelope Barker

Elizabeth Burgin

Emily Geiger

Grace and Rachel Martin

Mary Lindley Murray

Deborah Sampson

Martha Washington

Patience Wright


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