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Catherine Moore Barry

Cowpens. Ever heard of it? Well, it's in South Carolina. A battle there helped bring about the end of the Revolutionary War. It was l781. The British, under command of General Cornwallis was out to crush a group of Patriots commanded by a General Morgan. General Morgan, realizing how out-manned he was, appealed to Catherine Moore Barry for help. She knew every inch of the land she lived in. She knew all the short cuts, the trail, where Patriots lived, and how to contact them. Single-handedly, Catherine rounded up the necessary local Patriots to join General Morgan's troops. With Catherine's help, General Morgan laid a trap for General Corwallis and his men. The plan worked. General Cornwallis was defeated, retreating into the hands of General Washington (you've heard of him, haven't you?) at Yorktown, Virginia. With his surrender there, the colonies won their independence from Britain. Again, a woman's hand had assisted the Patriots in their war effort. Thank you, Catherine.