The Trip
Andrew Lytle was elected captain of the wagon train. The company was organized with captians of hundreds , fifties and tens just as they had when crossing the plains.

From Payson, the company traveled south, picking up the Old Spanish Trail.

The 700 mile journey started in grassy valleys but turned to desert after a few hundred miles. The road had been used by few wagons and was not well defined in many places.

The middle leg requiered the emmigrants to leave the river valleys they had been following and strike out towards the Mojave River. This part had few watering places that were spaced far apart. One of these places named by the Spanish "the Meadows" - Las Vegas.

Mojave River near Afton Canyon
The group reached the Mojave River by late May and slowly worked their way towards the Cajon Pass.

The Pass had never been attempted with such a large number of wagons. In many places the pioneers had to remove wagon wheels and slide the wagon body down the steep incline.

Lyman and Rich rode ahead with a small group to meet with Issac Williams. They hoped to complete the purchase of Rancho del Chino before the main body of emmigrants arrived.