Captian Jefferson Hunt
We are in perfect suspense here. In two months we look for a discharge and know not whither to steer our course. We have a very good offer to purchase a large valley, sufficient to support 80,000 families, connected with other excellent country, which might be obtained. The rancho connected with the valley is about 30 miles from this place, [Los Angeles] and about twenty-five from a good ship landing. We may have the land and stock consisting of eight thousand head of cattle, the increase of which was three thousand last year, and an immense quantity of horses, by paying 500 dollars down, and taking our time to pay the remainder, if we only had the privilege to buy it.

Letter to Brigham Young, May 1847. Hunt was serving as Captain of Company A, US Army of the West (the Mormon Battalion) at the time.
Quoted in "Journal History," May 14, 1847