Amasa Lyman
Born in New Hampshire 30 March, 1813.

Abandoned by his father, then sent to live with his grandparents Mason as a young boy. Within two years they died. Amasa was sent to live with his uncle Parley Mason.

His uncle disowned him at age 19 when Amasa joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Nearly penniles, he traveled 700 miles Kirtland, Ohio and the company of other Saints in the home of Lyman Johnson.

Amasa became an Elder in the Church in August of 1835. He was called to travel and preach as a missionary several times.

At age 29 he was called as an Apostle in the Church. A member of one of the highest ruling bodies of the Church. He continued to preach and travel for the Church. He distinguished himself as an organizer and missionary.

When Chruch members gathered in Nauvoo Illinois, he received an assignment to oversee the development of a logging community to the north.

After Church leader Joseph Smith was killed, members were forced to leave Nauvoo. As an Apostle, Amasa helped Brigham Young lead Church members to the Salt Lake Valley. He was one of the first to enter the valley but traveled back and forth along the trail several times helping others along the trail.

One of his first assignments in the Salt Lake Valley was to go to California to gather Church members who had strayed to the gold fields.

Amasa and fellow Apostle Charles C. Rich were assigned to lead a colonizin mission to Southern California. He and Rich assumed the $70,000 debt to purchase Ranco San Bernardino. Amasa became mayor and organized the Church units.

After returning to Utah in 1857, Amasa helped establish the cities of Parowan, Minersville, Farmington and Fillmore. He died in Fillmore in 1877.