Weather Watchers: Learning About Clouds

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  1. Start out by looking at these pictures of clouds. How would you describe them?
    Cloud Picture 1 Cloud Picture 2 Cloud Picture 3

  2. Now find out the names of these clouds and a little about them.
    Cumulus Clouds Cirrus Clouds Stratus Clouds

  3. Let's find out more! Observing Clouds is fun to do.
  4. Now.... go back to the first three pictures and see if you can name the clouds.
  5. Let's see what the clouds look like outside today! Look at this satellite image to see what today's clouds over the U.S.A. look like from space!
  6. Also, look at the clouds from your region...

Weather Watchers: Learning About the U.S.A.

Observe the weather at your school. Compare your weather observations to CNN's information. Use the CNN - U.S. Weather page to find the part of the country you live in and your city. Is the information right? Why might it be wrong?

Look at this slideshow of the U.S.A.. If you made a slideshow of your part of the country what would be different? What would be the same?