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Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Article VIII

Vocabulary List

established living Activity:
The words with an “*” are those students will likely see again in other reading, so are worth learning. To learn them, students create a set of vocabulary cards. Have them: put the word at the top of the card followed by the definition in their own words. Draw a sketch of the word’s meaning on the other side of the card and a phrase or sentience using the word in the context shown in the drawing.
* territories land
previously before now (before the Mexican
American War)
reside to live
remove to move
retaining keeping
disposing getting rid of (by selling or giving to someone)
proceeds profit from a sale
* acquire to get or gain
* obligation a duty to
election choice
* ratification formal approval
expiration end
* inviolable unbreakable promise
heirs people who come after, such as children or grandchildren
* contract legal agreement
guarantees promises or vows
equally ample the same amount

Words from other pages

* fraudulent based on lies
documentation official papers like deeds or official letters
speculators people who buy and sell property to make a quick profit