1) Which Native American groups is your treaty about? This should be your introductory sentence.


2) List five characteristics of the treaty as stated in your document: (Tell at least five of the subtopics in your treaty).


3) Did you notice anything unusual (surprising) about the treaty? List it here:


4) What is occurring to the Native Americans in this treaty?



5) How many people signed the treaty? Describe the people who signed the treaty:




6) Make a summary statement about the treaty.


 Remember, you will be sharing your paragraph to the group to teach them more about a particular section or article.

Pictograph Analysis Worksheet-Whole Group Activity

Step 1. Observation

A. Study each pictograph for 2 minutes. Form an overall impression of the pictograph and examine each separately. Study each section to see what new details become visible.


B. Use the chart below to the right to list people, objects, and activities in the pictograph.




Step 2. Inference

Based on what you have observed above, list three things you might infer from this pictograph story to the right.







Step 3. Questions=Answer the questions to the right

Take out YOUR new notebooks and make a copy of the KWL on page
one writing down what they already know about the Native Americans.
YOU will then be asked to write down what YOU would like to know.
When the less on is complete YOU will write down what YOU have learned.

 Cavalry charge in The Battle of Fallen Timbers

What does this picture CAUSE YOU to think is happening to the Native Americans?