Treaty of Greenville and the Battle of Fallen Timbers

Fallen Timbers was one of the best battles we heard of. I thought that it was a fair fight. One of the reasons the Indians won was Little Turtle was in charge. I'm glad the Indians won, but after they won they thought they were the best. Little Turtle did a clever thing by trying to stop fighting.
Ross 1997

Neither the Indians nor the British had recognized the Great Lakes as the Northwest boundary line of the United States at the end of the Revolution. They tried to force the Americans to make the Ohio River the boundary.
Jessica 1997

The battle was between the Americans and the Indians. It was fought in about 1800. General Anthony Wayne was in charge. During the battle Harrison went in between the lines of fire!!!!! It was so foggy I think they didn't see him. He was in the hottest stuff yet he did not have a SCRATCH ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny 1997

Harrison did a lot of work. He had a very hard job. When he was in The Battle of Fallen Timbers, when it was finished he got out without a scratch. It was neat.
Zach 1997

In 1795, as a result of the Battle of Fallen Timbers, The Treaty of Greenville was signed. At Fort Greenville, Harrison found that over 1,100 Indian warriors and chiefs had gathered. After weeks of talking, eating and exchanging gifts, the Indians agreed that the white people could settle in two thirds of their land. The Indians immediately received $20,000 worth of goods, and were to receive $9,500 worth of goods every following year. Also all the white prisoners that the Indians held were released. In all, ninety-two Indian chiefs and twenty-seven American officers including William Henry Harrison, signed the treaty.
Denise, Michelle 1996
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