Handout #2

The Torah gives us clues about how the ancient Hebrews lived. Use the green cards to answer the questions.

1. What are some of the foods that the ancient Hebrews ate?

2. What kind of animals did the Hewbews have? How were they used?

3. What kind of cloth did the Hebrews have? What can you find out about their clothes?

4. Did the ancient Hebrews own slaves? How do you know?

5. The ancient Hewbews prayed to God by making sacrifices or offerings. What is a sacrafice?
What did they offer?

6. Which tools or weapons are mentioned on the cards?

7. What is one way that ancient Hebrews gave Tzedakah? (Helping the poor)

8. What did the Hewbrews live in?

9. What uses did olive oil have?

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