Story Board

Materials needed for this project:
writing paper pencil
construction paper poster board
drawing paper crayons or markers
glue scissors

When I first begin doing a story board with my class, I model a very simple one with only four boxes for my students. Either I read, or the whole class reads a book. Then we discuss what events took place in the book and sequence them in order. I write on the white board or chart paper. Then we talk about what an illustration for each of these events would look like if we drew it. Then we discuss what to write in the caption below each illustration. (Next I very conviently pull out and show the class a story board I had already made up for this book).

When the sudents are creating their first story board, I have them work with a partner or in a small group. As the class progresses and learns how to do this technique, I increase the tasks I expect them to complete. The story board will become six, or even ten boxes long. They may use a poster board for their work. The story board is a good assessment tool and good portfolio material.