Found Poem

A Found Poem is a poem that is created by using an existing literary work and creating a new poem from it. Students work in cooperative groups to do this.

Materials Needed:

  1. A piece of literature

  2. Typed copies of that work for the entire class

  3. Three one inch strips of white paper for each student

  4. Construction paper and glue for each cooperative group

Directions For Creating The Found Poem:

  1. Select a peice of literature-either a story, poem, somg, article, letter

  2. Give each student a typed copy of the piece and three one inch strips of white paper

  3. Read the selection aloud to the entire class-as the students follow along with the typed copy

  4. After the oral reading, have each student choose three favorite phrases from the selection (does not have to be a sentence-just a group of words) and write them on the one inch strips of paper

  5. Divide the class into small groups (about 4 - 5 students in a group)

  6. The groups then work together arranging and rearranging the phrases into a poem they all agree upon

  7. The group then glues the arranged strips on construction paper

  8. Each group then shares their poem with the class