The Bill of Rights

When the Constitution was finally signed by enough states to make it the law, many people still thought that it did not say enough about the rights of the people. Patrick Henry was one of the people who did not agree with it. He said the new Constitution gave the central government too much power. So again, two groups were formed to work out the problems. Finally everyone agreed that a list of freedoms should be added to the Constitution. Everyone agreed that a list would be added. In 1791, ten amendments which are called the Bill of Rights were added to the Constitution. This Bill of Rights gave many freedoms to the citizens.

The first amendment lists five important freedoms for American citizens.

The other amendments in the Bill of Rights gives Americans these freedoms

A lot has happened in our country since the constitution was created. When the Constitution of the United States was written, there were only thirteen states. Now there are fifty states in the union. At the time the Constitution was written, most Americans lived on farms. Today most people live in cities. Life in America has changed very much in the past two hundred years.

The one thing that has not changed is the Constitution. It has stayed about the same. Amendments have been added as the need arose. The Constitution has worked well for Americans in peacetime and wartime. It is a strong law. It has held our country together and given all Americans a common bond.


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