The Navajo Indians settled in the regions of Arizona. They were called the "Dinetah" which means "The People". The land was sacred. It was part of the people. The land, everything in it, the sky above and the Navajo themselves are one in an ancient harmony. Thus their lives, world and religion are one and the same. That is the only way to truly understand the Navajo people.

The Navajo lived in homes called hogans. These were rounded homes with pole frames covered with earth. Some hogans were built of logs or stone with mud, but most were of the earth. The entrance was always facing east to welcome the morning sun. If someone died in a hogan, it was burned.

The Navajo obtained sheep and horses from the Spanish. This changed the way they lived. When they first began they were hunters and agriculturalists. They also started to raise sheep and horses. They planted corn and fruit as well.

The Navajo made wonderful paintings, rugs and jewelry.

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