The Hopi called themselves "The Peaceful Ones". They lived in the desert and developed a rich life, rich in ceremony and art. They lived on high mesas in northeastern Arizona. They still live there today. They built solid pueblo villages and learned to find hidden water that helped them grow crops. The buildings in a traditional Hopi village were large stone buildings plastered with adobe. The ground floors were usually for storage and were usually entered from above. Sometimes there were three floors. Ladders were used to reach the top floors. These ladders could be removed.

Hopi ceremonies featured special costumed and masked dancers. These men represented the many kachinas, supernatural spirits who were helping the Hopi people. Kachina spirits were also represented in dolls which the Hopi men carved from cottonwood. These dolls were copies of the dancers. Children were not to see the dolls as toys but as a learning tool to understand the spirits.


Hopi pottery

The Hopi lived an agricultural life. They lived in the desert and grew corn, squash, beans, tobacco, and even cotton. Hopi also hunted for rabbit and other game.


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