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II. Clothing

Contrary to popular belief Native Americans had a wide variety of decorative, comfortable clothing. The wild plants were prepared to make shoes, clothes, and blankets. Other plants were used to make the dyes to color these fibers. The colors and patterns used by each tribe are more than decoration, they also tell tribal and history stories. Western Apache, Pueblos, Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo.

Zuni clothes

A Pueblo warrior performing a tribal dance

Apache maidens dressed in traditional costumes, decorated with beadwork and fringe


The Navajo herded sheep, introduced by Spanish settlers, and therefore had access to wool. Women wore simple tunic dresses made from two pieces of blanket tied at the waist with a woven sash. Beads and buckles of silver completed their traditional outfits.


Navajo girls with their animal friends.

Navajo Men dressed in ceremonial finery 





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