Western Apache

The Apache were known as fierce people. They lived in a very harsh environment. They lived in areas from northern Mexico to southern Colorado. They were related to the Navajo. They remained fiercely independent and gloriously free for as long as they could. The name "Apache" means "enemy".



The Apache people were a wandering people. They lived in wickiups made of leafy branches and grass arranged over a dome-shaped frame. These were able to be left quickly and made again as they traveled. Apaches found deer and wild berries in forested mountain valley and yucca fruits and mesquite beans on the dry lands. They grew gardens where they could and raided for horses and sheep when they needed to. They would also eat the inner bark of yellow pine trees, cattail and occasionally rattlesnakes.



Their land and life demanded much of the Apache. They responded with creativity and imagination that can be seen in their clothes and basketry. They designed handsome patterns to go with their buckskin clothes and had many practical yet beautiful baskets and cradle boards.


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