You have been called to the first emergency session of the League of Nations at 9 AM on September 2, 1939, in Geneva, Switzerland. At this session, each state or group will present its proposal for resolving the crisis. After each has been heard, the delegates will have time to talk and decide how to respond to each other. At the second session, which opens at 11 AM, each nation or group will respond to the proposals of the others. Another session will convene at 1 PM. Another will meet at 3 PM. The final session will open at 5 PM.

If resolution is not reached, the delegates will have the option of meeting at 7 PM for one last chance to avert war. If no resolution is reached, the delegates will give up and go home. The United Kingdom is scheduled to declare war on Germany on September 3 unless resolution is reached.

The list of delegations: (Some have invited themselves but will be heard)

The United Kingdom
The Empire of Germany
The Republic of France
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
The Empire of Italy
The United States of America
The Empire of Japan
The Republic of China (two delegations: General Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Tse-tung, the latter the gate-crasher)
The Congress Party of India (Mohandas K Ghandi and Jawaharlal Nehru),
members of the British Empire
The League for Vietnamese Independence, headed by Ho Chi Minh, another gate crasher; part of the French colony of Indo China General Sukarno of the Dutch East Indies independence movement, still another gate crasher, of the Dutch Empire
The African National Congress, headed by Kwame Nkhrumah of The Gold Coast, invited originally as representing the non-white African subjects of the British Empire Anwar Sadat of Egypt, a British subject of the Egyptian part of the British Empire in northern Africa, and a gate-crasher. Mr. Sadat is a non-commissioned officer in the army.