United Kingdom (Great Britain):

You are very concerned about the growth of German power in the past few years. In particular, you are worried that Germany might be able to control all or almost all of Europe, and this would devastate your trade relations as well as present you with the threat of possible and probable invasion. You have opposed any country in Europe being this powerful for almost three hundred years. At the same time, you have worked for some years to reduce the harsh provisions of the Versialles Treaty. In particular, you signed a naval agreement with Germany in 1934, in which you agreed that Germany could build more ships than allowed in the 1919 peace treaty. You have agreed with all of Hitler's claims on land in Europe because of self-determination, including this claim to the Polish Corridor. You are convinced that Germany has vast military power, and that British military forces are outnumbered by Germany.

You are also very concerned with the preservation of your Empire and Commonwealth. The trade relations here are absolutely vital to the economic and political survival of your country.

Just a few weeks ago, the United Kingdom signed a treaty of mutual defense with Poland. Following your lead, France also signed such a treaty.

Many people in the UK, especially those with political power, have for years felt that the communist threat is more dangerous than the Nazi threat. Indeed, many prominent people including your ambassador to Germany have publicly proposed allying with or encouraging the Germans under Hitler to invade and destroy the Soviet Union. These people will oppose policies that are too bluntly anti-German.