Soviet Union:

You represent the new foreign policy direction as defined by Stalin. Your job is to get along with Germany as much as possible, and if possible to create a war between Germany on one side and Britain and France on the other. If Germany is busy with them, Germany will more likely leave the USSR alone. For seven years, you tried to work out an agreement with Britain and France against Germany, but those two refused to take any of your proposals seriously. This is obviously because the capitalist ruling elite in each country really wants to see communism in the USSR destroyed, and the elites in each country really have more in common with Hitler than they publicly admit.

You are also very worried about the border of the USSR and Manchuria, which has been under Japanese control since the early 1930's. Japanese and Soviet troops have fought some major battles in the last two years along that border, and you are convinced that Japan covets the raw materials of eastern Siberia.

You have worked since 1919 with colonial subjects of the major European powers, since you expect that socialist revolutions will happen in those colonies. You have been willing to provide training and assistance to most independence movements, whether they have been communist or not. You have been fairly successful in helping colonial independence movements move, if not into the communist camp, at least into a position of friendship and common interest with the communist movement. Actual communist parties that exist in most parts of the world are very much under your direction. One major exception is the Chinese Communist Party. You in fact provided training for the early Chinese nationalist leaders, especially General Chiang Kai-shek. His attack on the Chinese Communists in the late 1920's was unanticipated and unexpected by you. Chiang has been getting military assistance from Hitler since 1935. But in most parts of the world, you are generally able to get local communist movements to follow your direction.