Your country was in the 'second wave' of industrializing countries, beginning in 1868 to create modern and Western economic and industrial models. The need to develop factories was brought home to you by the Americans, who forced you to sign treaties in 1852 and 1853 that were, in your opinion, rather similar in spirit to the treaties forced on China by Britain in the 'Opium Wars' of 1839-42. You are a new generation of Japanese leaders, ones who became adults in the Great War (first world war) and who are now replacing the older generation who worked to create an industrial Japan. You are concerned that Japan has changed so quickly that is has lost its spirituality. You need to work to reestablish the Japanese moral spirit within the industrial nation you have created. In addition, your nation has been repeatedly rebuffed and insulted by the nations of the West: in the 1895 Sino-Japanese War, which you won; in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 which you also won; in the Versailles Treaty, in which your status as an Allied Power did not seem to count for much, and even at the Washington Naval Conference of 1922. So, it is time for the Western nations to leave Asia, and abandon their colonies in Asia. It is for you, the only industrial nation of Asia, to reestablish Asian society within an Asian frame of reference. Thus, your call for Asia to join a 'greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere', in which Japan will be the 'elder brother' to other Asian peoples, and for' Asia to belong only to Asians,' which means the 'round-eyes' or Caucasian peoples will need to abandon or be driven out of their Asian colonies. Your present war against China is motivated by both of these principles, and once China realizes that Japan has the brains, and China the brawn, for the co-prosperity sphere, Asia will be well on its way to independent progress for Asian peoples.