Gandhi and Nehru, Congress Party of India:

You are the leaders of the largest and oldest independence movement in the largest single European colony. You agreed to, and did in fact, help the British war drive in the Great War (first world war). You encouraged millions of Indian young men to join the British army to fight against Germany because Britain promised to give India independence after the war was over. Not only did Britain not grant independence, British troops brutally suppressed independence movements and participated in mass killing of Indian civilians in situations like the Amritsar Massacre of 1919. You will only help Britain fight Germany this time if independence is granted first. And that will not be popular even then; quite a number of Indian men are volunteering to join the Japanese army in eastern India to establish 'Asia for the Asians,' as the Japanese call one of their war aims. You will point out that Britain, with an empire controlling perhaps one fourth of the world's people, based largely on British feelings of racial superiority, is hardly in a position to be critical of Germany's plans for creating a German empire. You will demand that Britain practice what it preaches, or you will take advantage of the opportunity a British war against Germany presents you to revolt and establish an independent country.