Your nation's leader sets policy but is not clear and changes direction all the time. His book and some speeches call for the establishment in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union of a large empire for German people, the destruction of communism, and also the 'solution' to what he calls 'the Jewish conspiracy'. In the short run, he has demanded the return of the Polish corridor to Germany, and in this conference, you will settle for nothing less. Hitler was supposed to be at this conference, but a sudden health problem made it impossible for him to attend and so you have to do your best to follow his often contradictory directions. Your army has begun the invasion of Poland. You will not stop the invasion unless the Polish land in question is returned to Germany. Your agreement with the Soviet Union signed on 22 August has a secret section in which the Soviet Union may also invade Poland and reclaim the land taken from the USSR by Poland in the early 1920's, after the Versailles Treaty. You have been told repeatedly by the British ambassador that the United Kingdom is not serious about its sudden treaty with Poland and that Britain will not try to stop Germany's invasion.

You are quite aware that the German military is much smaller than England or France suspect. You must not be in a position that exposes your forces to full attack by them.