Today is September 1, 1939. At about 5 A.M. earlier this morning, Germany's Chancellor Adolf Hitler announced that German forces were entering Poland with the intention of returning the 'Polish Corridor' surrounding the city of Danzig (Gdansk in Polish) to the German nation. He said that he regretted the need to do this, but six months of attempted negotiations with Poland had produced no agreement. The territory in question had been given to Poland when the latter was re-established as a distinct nation in the Versailles Treaty of 1919. Prior to that, the corridor had formed a central core of The Empire of Germany and before that, the state of Prussia.

The United Kingdom has invited all the major nations of Europe and some additional states and groups (including strong representation from the British Empire and Commonwealth) to an emergency meeting to be hosted by the League of Nations. A few weeks ago the United Kingdom signed a treaty with Poland and is obligated by this treaty to go to war against Germany. This emergency meeting is a last ditch effort to get Germany to stop its invasion and thus stop a general war from exploding.