History-Social Science Student Events


Learning skyrockets when students have an opportunity to explore ideas in depth and demonstrate what they have learned in public presentations. Academic history-social science events can be done at the classroom, school, district or competitive level but they always pay off in excited, motivated students and huge increases in content knowledge. Skill in writing, research, and critical thinking grows to such a degree that many colleges provide extra points on entrance applications for students who have participated in history-social science academic competitions.   Students find that their experience prepares them not only for success in college, but in their careers and community activities.  Teachers find these activities professionally rewarding and treasure the deep relationships they build with students.

Below you will find links to the major history-social science student event programs in California. 

History Day in California


California Mock Trial


We the People: Citizen and the Constitution Hearings


Service Learning


We the People: Project Citizen


National Geographic Bee


Goldman Sachs Economics Challenge


The California LegiSchool Project