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Turin, Italy - February 10-26

The Olympics provide a wonderful "Teachable Moment" for learning about Ancient Greek civilization, modern world geography, newspaper coverage of world events, and even the elements of character that lead to outstanding achievement. Students may use the Olympics as an opportunity for reading, writing, listening or speaking. Their topics might include how an event is organized, how winners and their countries are honored, what winner really means, and how participants prepare to compete. There are numerous websites, many linked for SCORE History-Social Science that will bring the Olympics into your classroom. Here are a few of those available.

Olympic History Resource Sites

The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World
Visit this awesome virtual museum about the Ancient Olympics developed by Dartmouth University. Learn the history, the mythology, and how and where the games were performed in Ancient Greece.

Ancient and Modern Olympics
In this exhibit by Tufts University's Perseus Project, you can compare ancient and Modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times.

Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
Were the ancient Olympic games better than ours? More fair and square? More about sports and less about money? Are modern games more sexist? More political? Have we strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal? Explore this site and decide for yourself. This site is from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Olympic Museum
Discover the Olympic Museum with its wealth of memories that keep the passion for Olympism burning. Here the Virtual Gallery features clips of video and audio from past games. There are descriptions and photos galore of Olympic symbols such as the torch.

Olympics Through Time
Take a journey through time to learn about the history of the Olympic Games from the time when athletic contests were held during religious ceremonies until the First International Olympic Games in 1896.

It has been more than one hundred years since the revival of the Olympic Games in March of 1896. Undoubtedly the games that took place a century ago in Athens were a milestone in the history of modern athletic competition. However the Olympic Games and the athletic ideals were conceived many centuries ago in ancient Greece.

Olympic Lessons

Ancient Greek Olympics
As part of his fabulous Ancient Civilizations site, Don Donn has added an Ancient Olympics page. As with all of his material, much history is there to be learned, but students will never forget their own Olympic challenges in such events as tongue twisters, sticky-ball and humming.

Focus on Respect: United States Olympic Committee - Materials for Teachers
“Focus on Respect” includes a 16-page student newspaper supplement and a teacher's guide. The supplement focuses on issues such as self-respect, teamwork, integrity, discipline, tolerance, fairness, courage, and respect for others through stories about Olympic athletes who exemplify those ideals. The teacher's guide addresses the same issues and ideals and connects them to the real world through the application of newspaper stories and features. It includes recommended activities, which require students to apply their understanding of the topic. Students will enjoy learning that they have much in common with these great champions who faced challenges and obstacles in their lives.

Hour of the Olympics
Integrate a study of the Olympics with your reading time. Here are a set of activities, an online comprehension quiz, and vocabulary support for Mary PopeOsborne’s Magic Tree House book, Hour of the Olympics.

Olympic Curriculum Guide
Designed as an interdisciplinary thematic unit aligned to California standards for grades 3-5, students use the Olympics to learn about health, history-social science, math, science, language arts, and art. 

The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece
Your task is to discover as much as you can about the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Try to find as many new and unique facts as possible. Your task is to:

  • Briefly describe one of the Olympic events
  • Find a map of Ancient Greece and label where the first Games were held
  • Create 3 questions for your class to answer
  • If you were an athlete, which game would you participate in and why?

Olympic Games: An Historic Proposal
Learn about the ancient Olympics while at the same time thinking about the future. Your group will create a proposal and a brochure for the events of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The Proposal will design an Olympic Games that allows the spectators and athletes to experience the ancient tradition like no other modern Olympics has ever done.

Going for the Gold!
Playing host to the Olympics is a role that many cities would love to play. Selection for a host city for the 2010 Winter Olympic games will begin shortly. Canada wants to be selected!  To guarantee making a strong proposal to the selection committee, Canada will conduct a preliminary competition among five cities to determine which Canadian city will vie for the right to host the 2010 Olympic games. You are a member of a team assigned to develop and present a proposal for one of these cities.

Picking a Site for the Olympic Games
You are part of the international committee which has been invited to recommend the best sites for the 2012 (Summer) and 2014 (Winter) Olympic Games. Your job is to persuade the Olympic Committee that the site you have selected is the best choice. You are representing Korea and have concerns that the wealthy countries of the West have been over-represented as sites for the Olympics in the last several years. You feel that the opportunity to host the games is very important for a country's prestige and economic development and, though your country has too recently hosted the games to be considered again, you are sensitive to those issues in selecting another country.

Olympic News

Practically every media organization will have on-line coverage of the winter Olympics.

Here are a few to choose from.

CBS Sportsline

Official Site of the International Olympic Committee

NBC Olympics Coverage

CNN Winter Olympic Games

Yahoo News Olympic Coverage

ESPN Winter Olympics