Proposal Worksheet


Team members:


1) Our team decided that the most important ancient Olympic events were:


2) The ancient Olympic event that I am researching is:


3) Description of my event: (Include who participated, equipment, rules, how it was judged, where it was held, prizes, etc.)




4) The modern event(s) that is most similar to the ancient event that I researched is:

(Some ancient events have obvious modern counterparts, other events might be a combination of several events or totally new.)





5) Compare and contrast. What are the similarities and differences of the ancient and modern events that you are considering?





6) How can the historical tradition of the ancient event that you studied be included in the competition of the modern games?




7) What aspects of the ancient event cannot be included in the modern competition?



8) Are there any parts of the ancient event that you think should be included in the modern competition even though such aspects of the event would be very different from the normal, modern rules of the event?