Inauguration of President Bush

Here are some resources concerning the January 20 Presidential Inauguration developed by Gary Dei Rossi, San Joaquin County Office of Education.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
This website is the official Congressional site that oversees the event. It contains a very nice history section complete with facts & firsts and a chronology. It also contains a list of inauguration day events with explanations (luncheons, parade, balls, and swearing-in ceremonies).

Online News Hour PBS Inauguration Day Site
This site has related lesson plans for both elementary and secondary teachers. The lessons contain objectives, procedures, background information, related links, and assessment recommendations.

Presidential Inaugural Committee
This is the President’s official website for the inauguration. It contains information on how to purchase memorabilia, it has a section on inauguration history, a section on facts and figures, and a section on all the President’s inaugural addresses.

C-SPAN in the Classroom
This is an excellent site that has specific lesson plans for Presidents: Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, and Bush. For each of these Presidents you can read the complete text of their inaugural address, you can watch clips from their address, you can watch the entire address and you can watch a noted historian discusses the address.