History Day in California 2005-06
Taking a Stand in History
People, Ideas, Events

History Day in California is a statewide program sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation and the California Department of Education in cooperation with National History Day. Now in its twenty-second year, History Day is an exciting, history-based learning experience for students from 4-12th grades.

History Day is a performance-based academic endeavor that fully supports the California History-Social Science Framework and History/Social Science and English-Language Arts Content Standards. History Day provides students with an opportunity to perform the role of historians and apply what they learn through authentic products such as documentaries, exhibits, posters, performances, websites, or research papers. Any of these can easily be integrated into the everyday classroom curriculum.

Each year the theme changes. For 2006 the theme is
Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas, Events. Students may apply this theme to a wide range of topics in U.S. or world history related to the curriculum at their particular grade level. Though they may focus on only one aspect of the theme whenever possible they should show the connections among the various aspects of it.

There is no better way to enjoy school and learn the research, thinking, and writing skills for college success than creating a History Day Project. If you are a California student in grades 6-12 you may join in the fun by producing a museum exhibit, a documentary, a website, a research paper, or a performance. If you are a fourth or fifth grader, you are invited to do a poster. Any of these projects, except the research paper, may be completed by a group of up to five students as well as by an individual. As you produce one of these projects, you will have many opportunities to meet other students and win awards at the school, county, state or national level.

"All of the students whom I have coached that have completed a History Day project have gone on to and graduated from college. Several have become teachers."

Sherry Hamilton
A.B. Miller High School, Fontana

"History Day keeps me growing professionally and maintaining my excitement in teaching. It is so much fun to work with the students in the role of a coach and see them rise to the challenges of researching and developing an entry themselves."

Marilyn Lubarsky
Upland High School, Upland

"Because of National History Day I began to see the historical complexity and depth behind present day international problems and conflicts."

History Day Student
San Bernardino County

Teacher History Day Resources

If you want to do a History Day type activity in your classroom, here is a PowerPoint presentation to share with your students or fellow teachers 2006 History Day Overview PowerPoint. (This presentation is in HTML form. For a complete presentation in PPT form, download here.) For ideas about how this year's theme relates to California History-Social Science Content Standards see the list prepared by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. To enter a History Day competition, contact the Constitutional Rights Foundation to find out who the History Day coordinator is for your region at lourdes@crf-usa.org.

Student History Day Resources

This website http://www.crf-usa.org/history_day/HistoryDay.html has the Rule Book and other information for completing your History Day project. Link to “Students” to find the important Rules You Need to Know about plagiarism and copyright. Be sure to contact your school or county coordinator to get the specifics for participating in your local area. The Constitutional Rights Foundation, major sponsor and manager of the program in California, will be glad to connect you to the right person in your area. historyday@crf-usa.org

National History Day has outlined all the steps you need to follow in creating a History Day entry.

Learn about the 2006 theme Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas, Events at http://nationalhistoryday.org/02_contest/02.html
Review the Sample Topic List at the National History Day site:
2006 National History Day Theme. For topics aligned to California standards, check the California History Day site at CRF.
Then follow this step-by-step process:
How to Start a NHD Project.
Website is a demonstration category at National History Day in 2006. Keep a close eye on the rule book for this category.
Poster developers, keep your eye on the History Day in California page for all the rules and special information for this California only category.

Documentary Category

Places to Begin Your Research

National Archives
EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Library of Congress
Primary Sources on the Web
Our Documents

Important How-To Sites

Using Primary Sources on the Web
Turabian Citation Guide
MLA Citation Style

Other State History Day Sites with Great Ideas for Developing Projects

Kansas History Day
Minnesota History Day
New York History Day
Pennsylvania History Day

Poster Category