There is never a more exciting time to be a history-social science teacher than during a presidential campaign. It brings government, economics, and history classes alive as students examine the issues, observe the line-up of backers for each candidate, and evaluate the influence of the media. The issues of today are rooted in the events of history. The costs and benefits of various policy options and the economic interests of groups within the society make discussion of economics more important to students. The electoral process itself, issues of government power and the varied perspectives on the nature of the “common good” are open to analysis by students as they examine the party maneuverings, the primaries, and the campaign process.

C-SPAN has developed a website to bring these issues to the classroom in a timely, and easily accessible manner. No more late night video taping for teachers, the film clips and discussion questions are here. Find all you need at the C-SPAN Classroom Election Cycle site below or just download the podcasts here

C-SPAN Classroom
Teaching and Learning During 2008 Election Cycle

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