Learning About the Earthquake in Pakistan
October 8, 2005

 Islamabad Devastation

Using the news as a tool engage students in learning about their world and to take advantage of those teachable moments is a tried and true method for every good teacher. The following sites were reviewed and selected to support a study of the October 8th earthquake in Pakistan, the science of earthquakes and the political, social and economic consequences of the devastation that it left.  If you find other good sites, please send them to SCORE History-Social Science at peg_hill@sbcss.k12.ca.us.

USGS (United States Geological Survey)
This visually rich site has great statistical and geologic information about the 7.6. quake in Pakistan.  There is also a For Kids Only section that has more information about earthquakes and their cause, online activities, earthquake happenings all over the world, and Science Fair project ideas.

Understanding Earthquakes
This site features a quiz about earthquakes, a rotating globe imaging recent quakes around the world, and famous first person accounts of earthquakes in history.

The Earthquake Shake
What are earthquakes? Why do they occur and why can't we predict them?  This site explores the answers to these questions from a scientific perspective.

Major Earthquakes Around the World Since 1960
This is a timeline from the New York Times listing the major earthquakes around the world in the last 40 years. (Registration required)

Hundreds Die in South Asia Quake
This news story from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has a video clip of the quake’s impact.  BBC is a news service to follow for future information.

Aftershocks Jolt Pakistan, Creating Panic
This MSNBC story focuses on the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan. This news service is one to follow for the continuing story.

CNN and Earthquake in Pakistan
This is a continuously updating site about the earthquake and related stories.

Google Alerts
Create a Google Alert to glean the latest news on the Pakistan earthquake, relief efforts, and international support for Pakistan that will be sent directly to your email.