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    You are a courageous and highly skilled samurai. You have served your daimyo quite well with a spirit of loyalty and dignity. Your service to the noble daimyo has allowed you to support your family in a very comfortable manner. However, you have just received the most unfortunate word that your daimyo has died. The message you received was brief and made you wonder if the daimyo died of natural causes or met with foul play. You are saddened by this loss, as he was like part of your own family. Now you must prepare yourself to find a new daimyo to serve. One of the ultimate tools in a job search is the resume. The resume briefly lists your experience and skills for a potential employer. Now you must prepare a "killer" resume to market yourself in order to find a new job. In this resume you must present abilities, expertise, and interests that would have actually been characteristic of a real samurai. That means your resume needs to be based on research that is historically accurate. Don't forget, history has recorded both men and women as being brave and noble samurai.