Student Team Assignments:

Assign a team of students to each of the following themes on the identified themes. Each team of students is to find and read the listed documents, or items relating to the specified events. Each team is to read each of the documents and then is to make its Venn diagram and write its article using the ideas or explanations in the documents. URLs are listed. These documents are also available in books of readings and especially in the CD that accom panies Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution by Jack R Censer and Lynn Hunt, University Park, Pennsylvania: The University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001. ISBN 0-271002088-1

Team I: The question of rights

Team II: The question of social, political and economic opportunity

Team III): The question of religious freedom

Team IV: The question of the use of violence to create change

Team V: The question of human nature - can democracy be trusted?

Team VI: The question of leadership - should societies be run by the elite?

Team VII: The question of the use of violence to overthrow a government

Team VIII: The question about why human rights did not apply to some

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