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Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags. This site is an advertisement for a book by the same name, but it does give a general overview of the terms.

An excellent site by the Alabama department of archives and history, this site provides a good overview of the scalawag compliments of retired University of Alabama professor Dr. Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins. This site provides important information in a quick and easy bullet outline. Also included are suggested activities and a bibliography section.


Panic of 1873

PBS. This site is standard PBS quality and provides a good overview of the topic.

This site provides a short chronological overview of the events that led to the financial crash.

Black Codes

Teaching History Online. Great pictures and very useful links for Andrew Johnson, Ku Klux Klan, Civil Rights Act of 1875, etc.

African American History. Good general information and an index for other related information.

Freedmans Bureau

Atlantic Online. This is an article written by W.E.B. DuBois. Very literary piece.

University Of Virginia. This site has a series of pictures that are actually links.

Burning of Richmond, 1865

Richmond National Battlefield Park. Great description of the event

Civil War Richmond. This site provides a short overview and many links for detailed accounts. Just pick one.

Memphis Race Riots

Freedmen's Bureau. Primary source documents provide accounts of the event.

Black Holocaust. This site has good information on the race riots.

Election of 1866 & Compromise of 1877

USA Chronology. This source provides a very good description of the event.

Military Reconstruction Acts, 1867

Teaching History Online. Good overview information and excellent links for topics such as 14th Amendment, Grant, Sumner, Radical Republicans, etc.

The Learning Network. Encyclopedic information with other links for Stanton and Tenure of Office Act.

Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan

Teaching History Online. Good information and links for 13th Amendment, Andrew Johnson, Civil War, Lincoln etc.

The Learning Nework. Encyclopedic information with an index for other related articles. Good links for lot of information on the Reconstruction.

Wade Davis Reconstruction Plan

Teaching History Online. Good information and links for Wade, Davis, Thadeus Stevens, Lincoln, etc.

Soldier's Gazette. Lots of good information and some interesting biographical information on some of the more obscure people of this era.

Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction Plan

Civil War Heritage Ring. Good overview information, links, and index but shows a Southern bias.

The Learning Network. Good information, plus links for other relevant information.

Civil War Aftermath

The Civil War Home Page. Lots of statistics and facts.

American Civil War. Great chart of casualties and commanders for each battle.

Interactive Civil War. Excellent photojournalism of Civil War damage & destruction. Great links for a wealth of Civil War Information.

Force Acts 1870-1871

Primary source document with the actual text. There are links on this site for many other useful sites.

Civil Rights Acts & Constitutional Amendments

Library of Congress. Text of civil rights legislation from the Reconstruction Era.

Brief explanation of each amendment and the date it was passed.


Please use this site for the following biographies. John Wilkes Booth, Oliver Howard, Jefferson Davis, Charles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, Henry Adams, Hiram Revels, Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Salmon P. Chase, Edwin Stanton, Ulysses S. Grant, Albion Tourgee, Mary Church Terrell, Grimke Sisters

Blanche K. Bruce


American History Online: This site provides links for visuals (see below) and primary sources.

American History Online. Ibid.

Electric Library. This site gives a good encyclopedic description of the term.


Biography-In-A-Bag: Gather 8-10 ordinary items to represent your person. For example if your person was a writer, you might use a pencil to represent that portion of the biography. If your person was a teacher, you might include an apple. Put all your items in a bag or shoebox. Pull these items out, one by one to discuss important aspects of your person's life.

Scenario - Task - Step By Step Process - Resources - Learning Advice
Evaluation Criteria - Conclusion - Reflection - Extension Activities
Teacher Notes