Humpty Dumpty Reconstruction

Evaluation Criteria:

    1. This project is due as a group presentation in eight school days.

    2. There will be four checkpoint deadlines along the way.
      Day 1: Fill out the Brain Based Grids with your name and job.
      Day 2: Turn in at least a half page of research notes. = 5%
      Day 3: Turn in your completed research notes. = 10%
      Day 5: Turn in a rough draft of your New America Plan. = 15%

    3. Group Presentation
      a. Contains a 3-4 page New America Plan. Review the "Task" and "Chec-Bric" to assure that you have completed all items. = 20%
      b. A visual or media presentation to will actually be the group presentation. You will not read the 3-4 page New America Plan. = 20%
      c. Biography-In-A-Bag report = 10%

    4. Conclusion & Reflection questions answered. =20%

Scenario - Task - Step By Step Process - Resources - Learning Advice
Evaluation Criteria - Conclusion - Reflection - Extension Activities
Teacher Notes