Power Grabs

This gives the power grab with the correct location in the Constitution of the check

  1. President - A serious economic crisis takes place in the U.S. The President decides to run for a third term. (Amendment 22)
    Congress - Congress passes a law taking 10% on lumber being exported. (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 5)
    Courts - The Court rules that the government may not issue patents because of the need for technological advance. (Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 8)

  2. President - The President declares war on China. (Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 11)
    Congress - Congress passes a law that people from Washington may not drive cars in Oregon because of pollution. (Article IV, Section 2, Paragraph 1)
    Courts - Since Washington D.C. is not in any state, residents there may not vote in national elections. (Amendment 23)

  3. President - The President appoints Dan Evans to Senator Adams' seat when he resigns due to a personal scandal. (Article I, Section 3, Paragraph 2)
    Congress - Congress impeaches Bush because he pardons North. The Democratic Congress uses their anger to get him. (Article II, Section 4)
    Courts - The Court rules that because of our large national debt, the U.S. can no longer borrow money. (Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 2)

  4. President - To fight terrorism, anyone found guilty of hijacking will be punished by having their fingernails ripped off. (Amendment 8)
    Congress - Congress decides that beards are illegal; anyone who wore one in the last year must pay a $100 fine. (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3)
    Courts - The Court decides that religion and politics don't mix, therefore; no government official is required to take an oath of office. (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 8 or Article VI, Section 3)

  5. President - The President decides that Congress will meet in regular session on December 15 of each year. (Amendment 20, Section 2)
    Congress - Congress decides to impeach President Bush with the President Pro-Temp of the Senate presiding. (Article I, Section 3, Paragraph 6)
    Courts - The ambassador to Spain is brought home and tried in a New York court for crimes. (Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 1)

  6. President - The President orders that a mass murderer be sent back to Washington from Oregon. (Article IV, Section 2, Paragraph 2)
    Congress - A House member dies, the House takes four days off to mourn but the Senate says they can only have two days off. (Article I, Section 5, Paragraph 4)
    Courts - The Court rules that the heads of departments may no longer make appointments of inferior officers, but only the President of the U.S. (Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2)

  7. President - Paul Newman comes to town and cuts off the heads of all parking meter. President Bush pardons him. (Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 1)
    Congress - Congress passes a law naming 15 university students guilty of crimes against the government - orders them expelled from school. (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3)
    Courts - A male teacher sues over sexual discrimination by taking the case directly to the Supreme Court. (Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 2)

  8. President - Your land is in the way of a federal highway, so the President takes your land without compensation. (Amendment 5)
    Congress - Congress passes a law that says you can sue your state in federal court. (Amendment 11)
    Courts - The Court rules that income tax is illegal and you don't have to pay. (Amendment 16)

  9. President - The President orders that since all citizens over 18 want to vote for the President, they may do so by popular vote. (Amendment 26)
    Congress - Congress decides because of the contributions of Pete Rose in baseball, they will honor him with the title, "Sir Pete Rose". (Article I, Section 10, Paragraph 1)
    Courts - The Court rules that because of the difficulty in finding honest, law abiding, candidates they will allow Senator Mark Hatfield be Secretary of Interior. (Article I, Section 6, Paragraph 2)

  10. President - The President, concerned about drug violations in the state of Washington, allows the Governor and Attorney General to suspend democracy for a period of one month. (Article IV, Section 4)
    Congress - Congress decides to change the Constitution to allow the President to be elected to one term of six years. (Article IV or Amendment 22)
    Courts - The Courts find Poindexter guilty of treason on the basis of testimony of Ollie North, alone. (Article III, Section 3, Paragraph 1)

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