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TASK & SCENARIO: You just woke up from a good night's sleep, only to find that somehow you have traveled back in history to the year 1799. Holy Cow! ! ! How did this happen? The last thing you remember is studying for your history test on America's political parties. You understand a little about the Federalists; they said they wanted to strengthen the new nation. But what was the goal of those Republicans or Democrats or whatever they called themselves? Would their ideas to ruin America in the long run? How on earth did those early political parties evolve into today's political parties? Yikes! Those questions could be on your test today. Perhaps your teacher will be forgiving and understanding if you do a great job of helping to solve this political predicament. I bet that you'll be able to demonstrate enough knowledge not to have to take the test.

John Adams, a Federalist and our second President, is having a hard time leading America. Problems are sniping at our country from all directions. The young country is facing domestic concerns such as taxation and the National Bank. There are numerous issues still begging to be determined as to whether they are Constitutional. America is also a pawn in international issues such as the French Revolution and British impressment of American sailors. These issues threaten to rip our young nation apart.

You just received the attached memo from former president GeorgeWashington. He is so deeply concerned about the fate of our nation that he has come out of retirement. You are either a Hamiltonian (Federalist) or a Jeffersonian (Republican-Democrat). You and your group of political advisors need to render advice and recommendations on a variety of topics. Mr. Washington has also provided you with a matrix to help you deal with America's most pressing problems based upon your political philosophy.

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