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Step-by-Step Process for Students: As a group of 4-6 scholarly advisors, each person will need to pick a topic to research from the Political Party Matrix. To complete your part of the matrix, you need at least one source per topic. You may need to copy the matrix on to a larger paper in order to have adequate space to record your information. Research one issue and prepare a 1-2 page editorial from the assigned perspective. An editorial is an opinionated, persuasive piece of writing that is based upon factual information. Remember, you are offering advice to former President Washington on issues that are vital to our nation's survival. He trusts your opinion. Do not waffle and try to take up both sides; you know that your opinion is the only correct one.

After each of you have prepared your editorial, prepare a group timeline representing the changes in name and/or goals of the two major political parties. (Your textbook or an encyclopedia will be quite useful for this task.) Be sure to visit sites (and include information) about the origins of the Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant. As a group fill out the "T" chart to compare America's centennial election issues. Your final task on this project is to complete the "Conclusion" and "Reflection" sections of this Web-Quest. Compile all of these items into one folder per group. That means that each group member will have one editorial each and each group will work together on the other items. This final folder representing your group project is due on ____________.

"Centennial Election Issues T-Chart"
Democrats - 1900 Republicans - 1900

Democrats - 2000 Republicans - 2000

(Identify the candidates and the top three issues of each election)

1. How were the centennial election issues similar and/or different?

2. What issues do you think are most important as we enter the 21st century?

3. What advice would you offer to our President?