Presidential Memorandum

From: Former Presldent George Washington
To: Concerned Americans & History Scholars
RE: Political Advice

January 1799

Dear American,

I've come out of my peaceful retirement and ask for your advice on a variety of problems facing our nation. Regardless of whether you are a Hamiltonian or a Jeffersonian, you are among the best and brightest Americans of our nation. Our country will only survive with the scholarly advice of citizens such as yourself. I would like to invite you to participate on a committee that will study, discuss, and render advice on several crucial issues of our time. I have prepared a matrix for you to use to help you research and sort out the issues. Since you are part of a scholarly committee, perhaps you will each research a topic and render your advice. I understand that since your are of different political views, there will be a difference of opinion. Americans have never been bashful about having an opinion. This is a good thing, as it will provide a more balanced perspective on which to proceed.

In advance, I thank you for your diligence and perspectives. Please report back to me with your recommendations within one week. Our nation cannot afford to dilly-dally on such crucial issues.

Respectfully, Mr. George Washington

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