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Teacher Notes
LEARNING ADVICE: You may have noticed that there are a lot of resources for this unit. Don't panic. You will be successful in this endeavor if you use the parentheses alongside the electronic resources and only visit the sites pertinent to your portion of the task. However, you may wish to visit one of the sites that provides an overview of information before proceeding with the rest of the assignment. You are in a group to help distribute the workload evenly, so it is not overwhelming, yet you are still able to master the important concepts. As part of a group, you need to make a diligent contribution. Remember your group grade is also your individual grade. The most interesting thing students say about this type of assignment is that it is very important not to mess around or waste time. You have enough time to complete the tasks of this assignment, but not if you mess around. Use the electronic links to quickly get to the sight, get the information you need, and move on to the next part of the assignment. If you are working on this assignment without the advantage of a computer, text resources by Blum, Borden, and Nash. Those are three very scholarly resources that should be readily available in most large libraries to help you be successful on this assignment, there are a couple of spot check points to assure that you are on track with what you need to be doing. Outlines or rough drafts of your editorials are due on ________. Your information about origins of the donkey and the elephant as political symbols is due on ___________. Your Centennial Election Chart is due on ________. Meeting (or not meeting) these checkpoint dates with the appropriate progress and materials will mean the difference in one full letter grade.