The Mule Car
by Marjorie Bowler

There was famous transportation
On our Euclid Avenue,
For this road led to the mountain
And there was a scenic view.

Since some elevation counted
Mules could pull the car uphill,
Then be mounted on a platform.
Mules and riders got a thrill.

All could ride, return together
To the bottom of the grade.
People came to ride the mule car.
Thus was reputation made.

Through the pepper trees they plodded.
Two mules in a team were used.
Since they spent half-time in labor
They were not too much abused.

Mules were small, well-built and agile.
Steadily they climbed and worked.
They would do this climbing duty
And in fact they never shirked.

It was better riding downward.
They were spared the need to strain.
Though the job would be quite easy
Walking would have meant some pain.

Electric cars replaced the mules.
Then cars would end the line,
But people do remember still
When mule cars seemed so fine.

Thus a building was constructed,
And a replica was made.
One mule stands upon the plafform.
Memory can never fade.

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